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    Polish climber Pobran wins 3rd comp of Czech Cup in difficulty
    31. 08. 2003 (4546 readings)

    CC - Teplice/M 03Polish climber Marek Pobran from Wroclaw won 3rd competition of Czech Cup in difficulty climbing held on Saturday August 30th during International Mountaineering film festival in town of Teplice nad Metuji in East Bohemia.

    The best Czech was Radim Nosek as the 2nd, folowed by Czech junior Jan Zbranek.
    Competition of women was won by Silvie Rajfova, Tereza Kysilkova was the 2nd and Sona Hnizdilova was the 3rd (all CZ).

    Order of finalists:
    1. Pobran Marek (PL)
    2. Nosek Radim
    3. Zbranek Jan
    4. Fojtik Martin
    5. Forys Marek (PL)
    6. Stefanek Rostislav
    7. Zednik Miloslav
    8. Stranik Stepan

    1. Rajfova Silvie
    2. Kysilkova Tereza
    3. Hnizdilova Sona
    4. Rajfova Lucie
    5. Chudobova Katerina

    CC - Teplice/M 03

    The climbing wall

    CC - Teplice/M 03

    Polish climber Marek Pobran climbing:

    CC - Teplice/M 03

    Marek Pobran, Poland:

    CC - Teplice/M 03

    1. Marek Pobran, 2. Radim Nosek, 3. Jan Zbranek:

    CC - Teplice/M 03

    More photos and details are in the Czech version of Lezeni atd.

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    09.10.2003: Tune on-line World Cup in Prague

    09.10.2003: News from Czech climbing
    on new domain www.czechclimbing.com to be continued!
    More about it read at Future of this web? Improving and integration!

    15.07.2003: Look at fotos and video from World Championship
    Tomas Mrazek climbing final route in article: How to climb for World Champion? Tomas Mrazek on video

    09.05.2003: New face of this English version of the Lezeni atd.
    We prepared new better structure and intent more frequent actualization of English version of the Lezeni atd.cz/CzechClimbing.com

    01.05.2003: Archive of News


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